Introducing a commitment to Governor Leadership

Insight HR are delighted to be involved in the Staffordshire Governance Charter Mark which enables governors to commit to their continued professional development.

Governance has rapidly developed into its own discipline of a self-improving school led system. The professional expectations of governors to undertake their responsibilities and deliver sustainable good or better outcomes for all our children is well defined.

The Staffordshire Governance forum : Committment to Governor Leadership Charter Mark is a flexible, yet defined recognition framework to demonstrate to all stakeholders the scope and progress towards effective governance. As boards undertake, then retain, training against a defined list of training provision from recognised providers this is then translated in to an escalation of charter along the stems of effective Governance.


Use of the mark

The aim of developing the mark is to demonstrate a visible signal to all stakeholders of the governing board commitment to leadership. This would then be supported with a governor development plan to demonstrate progress to full charter status and the maintenance of this.

The charter mark can then be displayed on the school website and on school stationary, e-mails etc. which will continually be updated as boards complete each relevent training module.

Is the training quality assured ?

The selected courses are delivered by relevant, qualified professionals and the curriculum is either by the specified National College of Teaching and Leadership, written by the Leadership Academy of Edge Hill University or authored by a leading professional HR provider in the county – Insight HR Limited. All courses are quality assured by the Steering Group of the SGA and updated on a frequent basis to ensure all training reflects current and best practice.

For more information please  call Lynsey Evans on 07977599740 Further communications will be sent to you shortly.