Steve Mitchell

My name is Steve Mitchell and I have been the Headteacher of three different schools. After twenty years of Headship I have decided to leave and pursue other ventures. I have worked as a school improvement advisor for the Cheshire East, provided school support in Staffordshire and have completed the full Ofsted training (although currently not involved in Inspections). My current school was in special measures when I took up the Headship and at the last inspection was deemed to be a good school with outstanding features.
I have over the years worked with a large number of schools on school improvement issues and have for the last eight years worked with governors on Head teacher appraisal.
I am very much aware of the costs being charged by Local Authorities and feel that the cost is high for the service provided. I feel I provide a service which is affordable and of a very high quality.
Head teacher Appraisal
I think it is important when looking at Head teacher appraisal that the appraisal advisor has a degree of knowledge of the school. I offer an additional half day to come into school to talk to senior leaders about data and any relevant school issues. I would offer a further half day to work with the Head and governors setting applicable targets and reviewing previous targets where appropriate. I provide a written report on the morning’s activities and all the paperwork needed for the Head teacher’s appraisal.
Half day appraisal £350 (including written appraisal report ) Full day £500 (including written appraisal report and written report on half day with SLT )
School Improvement Work
This will involve work with the Head teacher and senior leader on any areas of school improvement. This may involve monitoring activities, staff and governors training or one to one work with the Head teacher and senior leaders. Following the visit I will provide a written report.
Daily Rate £450 (Including written report) – Half Day £250 (Including written report )

‘The days we have had with our external partner, Steve Mitchell, have always been focused, challenging and most importantly a catalyst of continual improvement. He has a sound understanding of the new inspection framework and how this would impact upon our school. He has worked with the SLT, staff and governors on all aspects of school improvement. Professional partnership in the truest sense of the word.’
Carl Leech, Headteacher, Rode Heath Primary

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